Frequently Asked Questions

How to store the cheese?
If stored in +2°C +4°C, remains fresh for 6 months. Must be stored in a closed bowl or in its original package in the refrigerator. If not consumed right away, cheese must be stored in its original package. Otherwise, it loses its humidity, and its flavor is reduced.

The most important issue to keep in mind while storing the cheese is to prevent its contact with air. The most ideal place for the cheese covered in transparent foil is the lower sections of the refrigerator.

Cheese must be stored without slicing, thereby, its contact with the external environment may be minimized. Cream cheese must be stored in their original package, with the cover closed.

White cheese may be kept in the liquid called brine consisting of drinking water and salt, after its package is opened. It can be stored for a long time, without losing its nutrients and flavor. Therefore, maturity process of the cheese continues.

Cheese types other than white cheese are not washed, contact with water result in the cheese losing its flavor.

Wetting the knife while cutting the white cheese helps easy cutting. If you keep kashar cheese in a closed jar, you will see that it does not get dry.

Regardless of their types, cheeses must be stored in the lower shelves of the refrigerator.

What to consider while consuming dairy products?
Unless adequate conditions are provided, milk is a food, which is very suitable for the harmful germs that may lead to several diseases to reproduce. Therefore, it is essential to consume milk healthily. Milk not applied pasteurization or UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) must be preferred.

Plastic cheese and yogurt containers must not be used for food storage.